Monday, 1 April 2013

Christmas Redecoration... A Bit Late

You won't believe this! We are going to Antarctica for Vacation in the middle of the school year!!! It's gonna be epic.

Happy April Fool's Day!! Okay, maybe it would be more believable if I said Porte Rico...

I can't believe it's already April. I was wishing for some Christmas today, so, as Christmas can't quite come to me, I'll have to go to it. As we have a tradition of reorganizing our rooms at Christmas, that's what I did. I changed into a Christmas outfit (purple flats, white tights, blue woolen skirt, and long sleeve purple shirt), turned up the Christmas music, and started cleaning and redecorating.
 For the first part, both Ella and Catharine were away, so the pictures don't have me in it.

I had to vacuum the floor, and boy, was it hard.

Then I brought in the bed/mattress, and sheets, and made sure everything was smooth.

Then there was still the other sheets...

And boy! did the pillow take a long time to fluff up.

Then I folded the blankets,

And the bed was done.

The new nightstand is cool, as it looks like a book.

Ella came just as I was about to take a shot of the folded laundry, so I got to be in it, folding the towels.

The towels, put away.

Me, arranging the nightstand.

 I'm done! How do you like it? Some of it is the same or similar, but some is different. I like this one better, because it is more space-efficient.

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