Monday, 15 April 2013

The Boring Thursday: Part Three

One thing before I begin:
Jasper has started taking ballet lessons from Felicity! Well, she did it because Hermione said she'd do it it when she came. But anyway, Felicity doesn't have the equipment for the class. Ella said she'd help pay for it... if Felicity wore old fashioned clothes for a month. Felicity agreed!
Now on to the Part Three:
Jasper goes into the room where Siarra is. "Dear, you can't just run off like that!"

"Go away! I'd like to speak to Kit." Dakota sniffed.
Jasper sighs, but leaves to find Kit.
Kit sits down by Siarra. "Siarra, you can't just run from the troubles of the world. It doesn't work like that. What's bothering you?"
"I'd like people to treat me like I'm Felicity. Even though I'm not as pretty, or as... or as everything! It's like I'm on a wet slide, and I'm halfway down, and I want to stop but I can't! Or I can, but it hurts to..."
That night, when Japer is undoing Kirstin's hair...
"Oh, Jasper... I know I can trust you... I'm worried about Siarra. She, well... She's always so upset, and I don't know what to do! I care, I really do, but she won't give me the chance to care!" Kirstin sighed.
"I believe she's just at a stage in her life that she'll grow out of. I wouldn't worry about it." Jasper replied.
"I hope so... I really hope so." Kirstin nodded slightly.
Even later... In the servant hall.
"Jasper, I'm worried about Siarra. She just... she feels like no one understands her... and she's always overshadowed by Felicity, and, well, I don't know what to do for her!"
"Yes, Kit, the Mrs. Kirstin was worried too. I told her not to, as she already has enough on her mind, but if Siarra gets any worse, we'll have to tell her."
"I suppose that's a good plan..." Kit said hesitantly.
The next morning, when Felicity comes down...
"Mother! Don't I look fabulous!!" Felicity giggled girlishly.
"Yes, lovely, dear." Kirstin replied without looking at her. "But don't you think you should apologize to Siarra?"
"Apologize!" Felicity looked shocked. "Whatever for? Belles of balls don't need to apologize!"
"I suggest you reconsider." Kirstin said, cooly.
Kirstin walks out.
Siarra stumbles in.
"Well. If it isn't our own little Belle of the ball." Siarra spat contemptuously.
"Yes, well, I suppose I've got you to thank!" laughed Felicity airily. "After all, you do make me look so much better."
"Yes, well, a toad next to a peacock isn't very pretty. Oh, and I meant you were the toad."
"Well!" Felicity stomped her foot.
Felicity stomped out of the room.
"Whatever have I done..." Wailed Siarra.
Kit walks in to see Siarra sobbing. "Oh, dear..."
"Jasper, you'd better go tell Mrs. Kirstin. Siarra is just plain miserable."
Jasper walks into Mrs. Kirstin's room. "Mistress? If I might have a word?"
"I suppose." Kirstin tilted her head. "What about?"
"It's Siarra..." And Jasper told her everything. "And I didn't want to worry you."
"Go call her." Kirstin said simply.
Jasper went out to call her.
"Oh, dear..."
"You called me, mother?" Siarra sniffled.
"Yes, dear. I'd like to give you a second chance at your attitude. I'm going to treat you more like a lady. Which is why I'm going to give a small ball."
"A ball? For me!" Siarra's face lit up, and there was a change to her air. Instead of having a gloomy air, she was positively exuberant. "I'll go get ready!"
After Siarra left, Felicity burst in. "Mother, oh, mother! I'm in despair!"
"When I went to Petunia's party, it seems as though she didn't actually invite me! My day is ruined!"
"Oh, my..." Kirstin bit her lip. "I believe there is still something you could do. Well, not about the party, but about the day."
"You see, Siarra is having a party. I'm sure if you apologized, she'd be happy to let you go." 
"I will... for I am truly sorry of what I did. Pride get's you no where." Felicity hung her head.
In the ballroom, there was a collective gasp when Siarra walked in.
"Thank you all for being here." Siarra nodded to each of them in turn, and curtsied to her mother.
Her hair was done up in an elegant twist, and she was, for once, even more beautiful than Felicity. 
"Oh, my! She's quite pretty." Jasper smiled.
"You are gorgeous!" Kirstin beamed.
"Oh, my golly goodness gracious me..." Felicity's tongue was flabbergasted.
"We did it!" Kit was almost crying, she was so happy.
"Oh, Felicity! I'm so desperately sorry that I was so desperately rude to you!"
"I am too. I should have been more mature, being the elder of us." 
Siarra ran over and hugged Felicity. Kirstin whispered to herself, "Sisters are forever."
"Well, Kit, all's well that ends well!" Jasper grinned, and couldn't stop.

So, did you like the end? Was it satisfying? 


  1. It was a WONDERFUL ending, Dakota! WONDERFUL!! And I very much LOVE the saying underneath!

    Your Friend,

    (SUCH A GREAT POST!! Lindsay)

  2. Thanks so much, Lindsay! I really, really loved doing their hairstyles. I'm glad the two sisters resolved their conflicts... :)

    1. haha

      The hairstyles looked AMAZING TOO!!

      (Seriously, THEY'RE GREAT!!Lindsay)


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