Saturday, 27 April 2013

Really, really fast.

Okay, some of you might be wondering something. I sometimes reply to comments as Dakota, or as Hannah Harper.
There is a simple explanation. Hannah is Ella's pen name. She has that as her email thing, so when I can use her account to reply, I do, but most of the time, I just use Dakota.

Happy Birthday, Felicity!

As today is Felicity's birthday, I'm letting her do a guest post. But before that, we are going to wish her a happy birthday.
Dakota- Felicity, I love spending time together. And even though we are were separated by a stupid barrier of age, I'll always remember you were the one who broke it. You always said that "We redheads have to stick together. We're an endangered species, and we can't break away from the pack." Happy Birthday, Felicity. :)
Jasper- Remember that first day of fashion club? We were going to "break the ice" even though we've known each other for about a millennia. And we decided to watch spiderman, and both Dakota and Ella went through the entire movie with their hands in front of their faces because they both have that fear of spiders thing. You said you wanted to learn to be fashionable, but really, you already are. Your fashion sense is not caring what people think of you, and just being you.
Kit- Even though we don't have much in common, we are still like sisters. I know that I drive you nuts, and you drive me nuts, and I suppose that's how it will always be. But I still admire you, because you, unlike me, admit and take pride in the fact that you are nuts. But in fact, a nut is too small to describe you. "You've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, big ones, small ones, some as big as your head! Give them a twist, flick of the wrists, that's what the showman said."
Kirstin- Even though we don't have too much in common, as you'd rather lace your skates and do a backflip than curl up with a good book, we do have one thing: our pale pack. I love having discussions about weather a book or a movie is better, having staring contests, and failing miserably when you try to teach me skating. I'll always have time to be a friend, even if that means getting banged up in the process. But even more than that, I don't mind. :)

Okay, finely!! Free reign to Felicity!!! Okay... so, we are now going to talk about something very interesting. VERY interesting. More interesting than anything! Er... let me just fine something.

I know!! I'll do an about me!!
Name: Felicity
Age: Er...
Favourite colour: Well...
Okay, let's do something different.


My birthday party is tomorrow, and I'm super excited!! It's going to be a ball, and no one has seen a dress yet. I'm super excited!! Oh, wait. I said this.

Blogging is hard work! At the end of each day Farmer Felicity was covered from head to toe in...

Sorry. Being with Ella gives us all an urge to sprout quotes from books. The one above was from Duck for President, which is really funny.

More later?
Over and out?
Live long and prosper?
See ya later?
Take your pick.
Felicity :)

(Sorry, Dakota, I probably scared away all your followers...
"No, no, no! What's the matter with you? All it takes is faith and trust! Oh! And a little bit of pixie dust!")

Friday, 26 April 2013

Yup, I'm back!

I know, I know. You though I deserted you. But I haven't!! Really. It's just that Ella has been really stressed out lately, and that since she's a main part of this blog, I said I'd take a week break. Plus, I've been really low on inspiration. But now I'm back, and I've got a bucket load! Ella has been looking at stuff to get for us, and I really want a new skateboard. So, to pay for five (soon to be six) dolls, Ella has to earn some money. So while Ella has been earning money, all of us dolls have been sitting around eating truffles looking for things that we need, emailing Hermione, and looking for the American girl doll travel set, pictured below.
We've all wanted it for ages... but never have gotten it. And now that American Girl isn't selling it, we've all been really alert for it on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, and anywhere else that we can think of. However, for the first few days since we started looking, we haven't found it. Until a couple of days ago, when, on Ebay, Ella saw an auction for it. There were only three things:

  1. Ella doesn't do auctions. She's only been in one before, and that time, she lost by three seconds... which has really put her off.
  2. The seller only ships to America.
  3. It ended at midnight here.
So we all thought and prayed about it, and finally, last night, Ella said she'd enter. She read over the auction thing, and it says that it will automatically raise your bid until your top payment. Then, Ella found someone in America that she could send it to, then entered. Well, it took an hour to enter, because the ebay did not want to know that we did not want to ship it to Asia. Finely  around nine forty-five, the bid went through. We were ahead by fifty cense. And we couldn't get back in the lead if the other bidder raised it. Let's just say, I was really nervous to go to sleep that night. In the morning, I pestered Ella to check to see if we'd won, but she had to do a gazillion other things first. Finely. She looked. She gasped, and then.....

"WE WON!!!" She jumped up and down. "Yes!!!"
Unfortunately, we won't be able to get it for a while, till we go back to America. But still!!! I WON!!! Okay, okay. WE WON!!

Dakota!!! :)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

I'm sorry for not posting lately, but I've been really low in inspiration. Actually, pretty low in general. When ever I feel pretty low, I dress sky-high. Please, don't go wearing 1,000 foot tall high heels. That would be a bit of overkill. I simply look through all my cloths, and pick the brightest and cheeriest ones.
Here is my outfit:
 Me, outside my room. I'm wearing a scarf, a kerchief, a necklace, a yellow messenger bag, an orange skirt, a pale skirt, white tights, and pink flats.

I'm also going to use this post to post stuff that I haven't posted because I felt... well, I just haven't posted them yet.
Jasper and I like practicing handstands together...

Me on a trampoline.
And I really enjoy Nancy Drew books, so I watched the movie recently. Emma Roberts is perfect for her, and I LOVE her clothes! And, most likely my favorite part of the movie... Nancy's bag!! Ella and I are on a sort of quest or else a extended scavenger hunt to look for the things in her bag.
Here are the things that are in her bag:
Mini magnifying glass (Maybe a party supply store?)
Mini fingerprinting kit (Ella was thinking just using a make-up brush and flour...)
Mini Ipod recorder (I don't honestly think there is one for American Girl dolls, so I'd just use a fake Ipod... I think you can buy it on Ebay, but I'm checking now. It's an Iphone but it looks fine.
MiniCamera (Ella found this cool set that has a camera, which also has a magnifying glass or else you could get this one)
Mini Notebook (the one above has one, but there is also this super cute one...)
Mini Pen/Pencil (see above)
Rope (You can just use normal rope but cut to a smaller size)
Mini D clips (No clue where to get these)
Mini metal snack case (I'm guessing you can use a mini mint case)
Mini compass (They have it with the Hiking Accessories at American girl... but that you'd have to get the whole set... though water bottles and jackets do come in handy!)
Mini Flashlight (You can usually get a mini one somewhere...)
Batteries (I think just one normal one can be good.)
Mini Binoculars (We aren't sure where to get this...)
Bobby Pin
And once you have all those, you've got your kit!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Doll Council

Sorry for the slightly lame title... but it's what this post is about! The Doll Council.
The council is the place where we can settle arguments, make decisions, and suggest ideas. I'm going to be telling you how this works. So, listen up!
There are three people on the council.

  1. Ella (The person)
  2. Kirstin (The eldest, or else the wisest, most mature, and deemed most sane.)
  3. Jasper (There is always one who is elected by the people.)
The person who is elected serves a term of three months, with the council meetings once or twice a month. After the three months are up, on the day of or the day before the council meeting, people submit their votes on a piece of paper to either the eldest or the person.
When serving on the council, you wear something fairly formal. This would include a neat and orderly dress, or a skirt and blouse. When attending a council meeting, but not serving on the board, you wear a more formal dress.
To set up the council, you have three (or two) places at a table. At each place, the people on the board can choose either tea or water, which will be set at their place. There will also be either a computer or a notebook and pen, to take notes on. Before the council begins, there is a list of topics that must be covered. During the council, people can bring up topics that they would like to talk about.

I hope that helped if you want to start a council!

Monday, 15 April 2013

The Boring Thursday: Part Three

One thing before I begin:
Jasper has started taking ballet lessons from Felicity! Well, she did it because Hermione said she'd do it it when she came. But anyway, Felicity doesn't have the equipment for the class. Ella said she'd help pay for it... if Felicity wore old fashioned clothes for a month. Felicity agreed!
Now on to the Part Three:
Jasper goes into the room where Siarra is. "Dear, you can't just run off like that!"

"Go away! I'd like to speak to Kit." Dakota sniffed.
Jasper sighs, but leaves to find Kit.
Kit sits down by Siarra. "Siarra, you can't just run from the troubles of the world. It doesn't work like that. What's bothering you?"
"I'd like people to treat me like I'm Felicity. Even though I'm not as pretty, or as... or as everything! It's like I'm on a wet slide, and I'm halfway down, and I want to stop but I can't! Or I can, but it hurts to..."
That night, when Japer is undoing Kirstin's hair...
"Oh, Jasper... I know I can trust you... I'm worried about Siarra. She, well... She's always so upset, and I don't know what to do! I care, I really do, but she won't give me the chance to care!" Kirstin sighed.
"I believe she's just at a stage in her life that she'll grow out of. I wouldn't worry about it." Jasper replied.
"I hope so... I really hope so." Kirstin nodded slightly.
Even later... In the servant hall.
"Jasper, I'm worried about Siarra. She just... she feels like no one understands her... and she's always overshadowed by Felicity, and, well, I don't know what to do for her!"
"Yes, Kit, the Mrs. Kirstin was worried too. I told her not to, as she already has enough on her mind, but if Siarra gets any worse, we'll have to tell her."
"I suppose that's a good plan..." Kit said hesitantly.
The next morning, when Felicity comes down...
"Mother! Don't I look fabulous!!" Felicity giggled girlishly.
"Yes, lovely, dear." Kirstin replied without looking at her. "But don't you think you should apologize to Siarra?"
"Apologize!" Felicity looked shocked. "Whatever for? Belles of balls don't need to apologize!"
"I suggest you reconsider." Kirstin said, cooly.
Kirstin walks out.
Siarra stumbles in.
"Well. If it isn't our own little Belle of the ball." Siarra spat contemptuously.
"Yes, well, I suppose I've got you to thank!" laughed Felicity airily. "After all, you do make me look so much better."
"Yes, well, a toad next to a peacock isn't very pretty. Oh, and I meant you were the toad."
"Well!" Felicity stomped her foot.
Felicity stomped out of the room.
"Whatever have I done..." Wailed Siarra.
Kit walks in to see Siarra sobbing. "Oh, dear..."
"Jasper, you'd better go tell Mrs. Kirstin. Siarra is just plain miserable."
Jasper walks into Mrs. Kirstin's room. "Mistress? If I might have a word?"
"I suppose." Kirstin tilted her head. "What about?"
"It's Siarra..." And Jasper told her everything. "And I didn't want to worry you."
"Go call her." Kirstin said simply.
Jasper went out to call her.
"Oh, dear..."
"You called me, mother?" Siarra sniffled.
"Yes, dear. I'd like to give you a second chance at your attitude. I'm going to treat you more like a lady. Which is why I'm going to give a small ball."
"A ball? For me!" Siarra's face lit up, and there was a change to her air. Instead of having a gloomy air, she was positively exuberant. "I'll go get ready!"
After Siarra left, Felicity burst in. "Mother, oh, mother! I'm in despair!"
"When I went to Petunia's party, it seems as though she didn't actually invite me! My day is ruined!"
"Oh, my..." Kirstin bit her lip. "I believe there is still something you could do. Well, not about the party, but about the day."
"You see, Siarra is having a party. I'm sure if you apologized, she'd be happy to let you go." 
"I will... for I am truly sorry of what I did. Pride get's you no where." Felicity hung her head.
In the ballroom, there was a collective gasp when Siarra walked in.
"Thank you all for being here." Siarra nodded to each of them in turn, and curtsied to her mother.
Her hair was done up in an elegant twist, and she was, for once, even more beautiful than Felicity. 
"Oh, my! She's quite pretty." Jasper smiled.
"You are gorgeous!" Kirstin beamed.
"Oh, my golly goodness gracious me..." Felicity's tongue was flabbergasted.
"We did it!" Kit was almost crying, she was so happy.
"Oh, Felicity! I'm so desperately sorry that I was so desperately rude to you!"
"I am too. I should have been more mature, being the elder of us." 
Siarra ran over and hugged Felicity. Kirstin whispered to herself, "Sisters are forever."
"Well, Kit, all's well that ends well!" Jasper grinned, and couldn't stop.

So, did you like the end? Was it satisfying?