Friday, 5 April 2013

A Day With Dakota

Hi! I'm going to walk you through an average day with me, Dakota!

I wake up to a cheerful Pepper, barking for me to get up.
"I'm coming, Pepper, no need to bark your head off..." I replied groggily.
Unfortunately, Pepper did see the need to bark until I got up. So, yawning and stretching, I slowly got out of bed. *Yawn*

Pepper finally stopped barking, but every time I yawned she emitted a short, loud bark, as though reminding me not to go back to sleep. Pepper is better than an alarm clock in that way. I slipped on my slippers, and started really getting up for good.

I started getting my tea and toast ready (I like homemade white bread with strawberry jam and butter or oatmeal for breakfast), and stretched and got a cool glass of water while my tea steeped. 

I grabbed my towel after breakfast, and headed off to take my shower. I like taking my shower in the morning to make sure I'm awake.

After getting dressed (My favorite Stand Tall shirt, jean skirt, rain boots (it rained last night) and a cardigan, as it's still a little cold), I went back to my room to get ready for school.

I grabbed my bag, put in my books, notebooks, pen, and, after I remembered that today was art, my scissors.

Feeling confident, I went out to conquer my day!

After school, I wasn't so sure. I couldn't believe I had so much work to do... I have an essay to write by the end of the week, 36 questions for my literature assignment, another essay to plan for my history, and yet ANOTHER essay for literature. Luckily, though, the last two essays don't need to be handed in soon...

I had to get started on my work after getting a quick snack. However, I was able to use my favorite blue pen!

After that was done, I went to Jasper's. I could see she had just finished her homework. 
"Hey!" Jasper said when she saw me. "How are ya?"
"Fine, but homework is a pain," I replied, "but how about you?"
"Same!" She said with a rueful grin.
"Hey, do you want to go on a walk?" I asked. "There are a few things that I'd like to talk about..."
"Sure!" Said Jasper. "I was about to suggest the same thing. Let me just get my shoes on."

After she got on her flats, we walked over to the park. Luckily, it isn't too far of a walk.

At the park, we found a nice bench on the covered area. 
"So," Jasper started, "you wanted to talk about something. Go ahead."

I bit my lip. How to say this without sounding possessive... "Well, you know how Hermione might come to stay?" 
"Yeah." Said Jasper.
"Well," I continued, "it's just, you're my best friend I've ever had. And I... It's just, I'm afraid when and if she comes, we might drift apart, and you might become better friends with her than me." I thought my lip was going to bleed, I was biting it so hard. This was the point where she might blow up at me... But being the friend she was, she understood perfectly.

"Don't worry." Said Jasper. "You will always be my Very Best Friend. However, I still have room for other Best Friends. But only one Very Best Friend."
I smiled. I love having a friend like Jasper...

"Really?" I asked, knowing the answer by heart. After all, it's in the Universal Book Of Friendship. (Er... if you're looking for it... each person has a different one, as right now it's self serve)

"Well, not to be bland, but duh!" Jasper grinned at me, her freckles crinkling into a giant blob with skin-colored holes.
Not quite the one in the UBOF... But it works!
"Anyway, I've got something for you..." I said. 

I opened my bag slowly, and pulled out...

"A REAL CHINESE COIN THAT'S JUST OUR SIZE!!!" Shrieked Jasper. "I'VE BEEN WANTING ONE OF THESE FOR FOREVER!!" Passerby's stared, but I didn't mind.
"Do you like it?" I asked, pretending to be worried.
"No. Not at all." Jasper said, looking glum. Oh, dear, I thought... "I love it!" She said smiling. She's such a great actress. 
"Guess what." I said. "I've got three of them! So you have one, I have one... and, well... I was thinking that I should give the other one to Hermione." 
Jasper looked at me with such joy, I knew I had said the right thing. "She'd love it." 

"It's an awesome coin," Jasper said, "but where did you get it?"

"Where else?" I replied, pausing for effect...

"But Chinatown!" I hugged Jasper. "How about we go over to that huge potted plant to have a picture?"
"Awesome!" Crowed Jasper.

Very. Best. Friends. Forever!

"Once we go back..." Jasper said, her face betraying no sign of emotion. "I've got a little something for you." I couldn't wait to see what it was!

When we got back, Jasper made me face the wall.

And then... 
"You can turn around!" She called. I spun as fast as I could and saw...

Two of the most adorable Koala stuffed animals!

"This one's Joseph," Jasper replied excitedly,

"And this is Mary! Isn't her bow cute?" Jasper was practically jumping up and down by now. "You can choose which one you want." I could tell Jasper liked Mary better, and I was glad, because...

I loved Joseph way better! He looks as though he's hugging you... 
"You sure?" Said Jasper, though grinning as though she had won the American Girl grand draw to go to every American Girl Doll store in the world for free. Okay, maybe not THAT much...
"Positive!" I said.

"YAY!!" Jasper and I said at the same time. It's awesome how we think like that.

"I'm so glad to be your friend," I told Jasper.
"The feeling is mutated!" Said Jasper. "Oops, I meant mu- muti- mutual! That's it!" We both burt out laughing.

I couldn't stop smiling. Joseph and Emily would have such fun adventures... and Joseph and Mary too. I've got such an awesome friend.


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