Monday, 27 May 2013

I know, I know...

I haven't posted in ages. But I'm not deserting you! It's just things have been busy with a capitol B. Plus, I have no clue what in the world to post about. Summer's just around the corner (My school ends on Wednesday!!!) and things are starting to heat up here. Except for the fact that it's already hot. So here I am, eating strawberry yogurt, staring into the puffy, overexistant (I don't think that's a word... well, if it were one, it would mean that there is way too much of something. Kinda like nonexistent, but the opposite.) clouds, wondering what to blog about. I could just end the post here, but that would be boring for you...  I'm not that good at multitasking, which is what I'm trying to do. I need to make a list of things to bring over the summer, because Jasper and I will be living out of a suitcase for three months this summer. Any suggestions on what to bring?
Other than that, there are just a few tidbits of news. The absolute most exciting of which is that I'm going to the American Girl Doll store!!!! Estella said she was missing me too much, so she's having me come and visit her. And Emily and Trixie, too :)
And the next thing is that I'd really like to get my own computer. I have to share a computer with everyone, but I'd really love to have my own. There's one that I'd love to get, but *sigh* I'm not sure if Ella will get if for me...
Can you tell that I've got a lot on my mind?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

School Photos!

Yay, yay, yay!! We just got back our school photos!! So, here they are!

A bit more about Annabeth and Zoë, and a package

Over the few days that we've known each other, Annabeth, Zoë, and I have become good friends. Usually, after school, Annabeth and I go back to my house together, and then, after ballet practice, Zoë joins us.
I should pause here and say something. On my last blog post, I said that Zoë doesn't do any sports. Actually, I made a mistake. Zoë does do a sport. Ballet. And she's really good at it. Even better than Felicity! So Zoë goes and does ballet six days a week, and then comes back to the house and does homework and practices ballet some more.
Anyway,  I've learned a lot about them. Zoë and Annabeth are about the same age. Zoë's birthday is in November, and Annabeth's is in September. I should start to tell you about the package for me...
Today, when I went downstairs, Zoe was stretching, and told me that there had been package for me.
"Ella brought it in for you while you were away doing your homework. She said it was from Estella and Emily..." Zoë shrugged.
Estella's handwriting is a bit hard to read, but she's really sweet to send a gift. (There was a note from Emily on the back, saying that she and Trixie had helped Estella out getting the thing for me.) I should pause here and say a bit more about Estella. She's one of the sweetest people I know, who is always so kind and wanting to give everyone a hug. She loves surprising people with gifts.
I untied the ribbon carefully. It was such a nice ribbon...
Once I had gotten the ribbon off, I opened the box.
Inside were clothes! Estella and Emily and Trixie have the nicest gifts.
(There is another skirt and a pair of shoes that there wasn't enough room to put in the picture.)
 I love the warmth and cuteness and comfiness of this shirt. Estella is all for comfort :)
 I love love love tie dye on this! I know Trixie must have picked it out, because she loves tie dye.
 I love the beaded butterfly on it! And I know Emily picked it out, because she loves pink.
 Estella loves skorts, so I'm positive that she chose this one.
 Plus, these look so comfy!
And Estella loves yoga pants.

Which outfit is your favourite? 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

New Friends

Today, I was cleaning up my room.
I heard a knock at the door... but not my door, the front door...
"Huh... I wonder who it could be?"
At the door were two girls that I'd never seen before...
"Um... Hello? We were told that a girl our age  lived here, and we wanted to introduce ourselves. I'm Annabeth, and this is my sister, Zoë."
"Oh! Well, I'm Dakota. Why don't you step inside?"
Once they stepped inside, I told them a bit more about myself.
"Well, I'm Annabeth, as I said. Um... Well, we're here because of our father's work, and, well... My favourite colour is purple, I do both dance and swimming, as well as running some. I like horses, but I don't get many chances to ride." She smiled at me.
"I'm Zoë, as you know, and I... Well..." Zoë had a soft voice with an accent... not quite anywhere that I could place. "My favourite colour is white, and I don't do many sports."
"I'm sorry if this seems rude, but... well, you two don't look much like sisters..."
"No, it's not rude. We get this question a lot." Annabeth said. You see, Zoë was adopted from India about two years ago, so that's why. Zoë actually has an Indian name, too. Asa, which means hope in Hindi."
Annabeth, Zoë, and I chatted some more. They seem like really awesome girls. I invited them over tomorrow afternoon, and they said that they were free. I love having new friends!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My New Dresser!!

Ella was looking around, and found this awesome dresser around the house, and it's the perfect size for us!
Me with the dresser. Isn't it amazing?

The drawers are really nice and large.

Me with the dresser again.

The design is super unique, and the handles are really nice.

It fits perfectly in the room, and has enough space on top. 
Ella was also able to find a small mirror and put it on top.

On the bottom drawer, there is Emily's stuff, plus a cloth...

And if you pull it WAY out, you find my detective kit! I have two large batteries, a wrench, a flashlight, scissors, and a safety pin, perfectly sized for me.

The next drawer I have my pyjamas in, and the cool thing is, I actually get to have my own pyjamas !

But, something that's even cooler, is that I get to have my own clothes!! I have to keep them neat and let the others borrow them, but still!!
Anyway, I'm super excited!!
Does anyone know how to add in borders for the pictures?