Monday, 6 May 2013

How To Make An "Email" For Your Doll

And I do not mean to go onto gmail and make new emails. There is an easier way. However, you already have to have a Google account. Go into Google Drive, and push the Create button. Push the Document button, and go on to that document. Before I began, I looked through the handwriting samples, and all of us found the one that is most like our own. Here is a screen shot of it.
After you decide that, then you are ready to make the "email". In the font box, get the font that you chose, and get a size of font that's comfortable for you. Then, using something like this layout, write up your email. Even though we use our real names to send it, we use our nicknames to sign it.
To send it, you've got to copy and paste it into another doc to the doll you want it to be sent to. I would then title your document something like this, with your doll's name at the beginning:

So, yup!

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