Thursday, 9 May 2013

My New Dresser!!

Ella was looking around, and found this awesome dresser around the house, and it's the perfect size for us!
Me with the dresser. Isn't it amazing?

The drawers are really nice and large.

Me with the dresser again.

The design is super unique, and the handles are really nice.

It fits perfectly in the room, and has enough space on top. 
Ella was also able to find a small mirror and put it on top.

On the bottom drawer, there is Emily's stuff, plus a cloth...

And if you pull it WAY out, you find my detective kit! I have two large batteries, a wrench, a flashlight, scissors, and a safety pin, perfectly sized for me.

The next drawer I have my pyjamas in, and the cool thing is, I actually get to have my own pyjamas !

But, something that's even cooler, is that I get to have my own clothes!! I have to keep them neat and let the others borrow them, but still!!
Anyway, I'm super excited!!
Does anyone know how to add in borders for the pictures?


  1. I used to.... It doesn't show 'Images' on the customize place..... Sorry!


    1. That's okay. Thanks anyway! And thanks for commenting too :D


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