Monday, 6 May 2013

Do You Feel like you know me?

Because I sure don't! Well, I mean, besides the fact that I am me.
My name is Siarra Dakota Jade, but Siarra is pronounced just like Sierra, but Ella likes unique names. Most people call me Dakota. My favourite colour is iris, the Greek word for rainbow. I love bananas, especially banana cookies. I love apple cider, and I'd like to learn French. Hermione has sort of spurred that interest in me, what with her being half French. I love the smell and look of lavender, and I'd really love to have a vase of lavender in my bedroom. I'd love to have an actually nice bed, and a large bedroom. I'm going to be unschooled next year, and I just found out that Hermione is as well. Jasper is my best friend, and I couldn't imagine life without her. I love wishing, and hoping. I'm a definite dreamer, and I like reading. My dream bedside table would have a bottle of lotion, pictures of my friends and family, a hairbrush, the current book I'm reading through, a box of tissues, and my journal and pen.
I hoped you learned more about me!

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