Saturday, 11 May 2013

New Friends

Today, I was cleaning up my room.
I heard a knock at the door... but not my door, the front door...
"Huh... I wonder who it could be?"
At the door were two girls that I'd never seen before...
"Um... Hello? We were told that a girl our age  lived here, and we wanted to introduce ourselves. I'm Annabeth, and this is my sister, Zoë."
"Oh! Well, I'm Dakota. Why don't you step inside?"
Once they stepped inside, I told them a bit more about myself.
"Well, I'm Annabeth, as I said. Um... Well, we're here because of our father's work, and, well... My favourite colour is purple, I do both dance and swimming, as well as running some. I like horses, but I don't get many chances to ride." She smiled at me.
"I'm Zoë, as you know, and I... Well..." Zoë had a soft voice with an accent... not quite anywhere that I could place. "My favourite colour is white, and I don't do many sports."
"I'm sorry if this seems rude, but... well, you two don't look much like sisters..."
"No, it's not rude. We get this question a lot." Annabeth said. You see, Zoë was adopted from India about two years ago, so that's why. Zoë actually has an Indian name, too. Asa, which means hope in Hindi."
Annabeth, Zoë, and I chatted some more. They seem like really awesome girls. I invited them over tomorrow afternoon, and they said that they were free. I love having new friends!



    They look like AMAZING FRIENDS!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's going to be really fun! Plus, what's even better, is our families are from the same area, even the live very far away from there... if that makes any sense? Yeah, they are really sweet and kind and fun. I can't wait to have more fun with them!


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