Monday, 6 May 2013

Felicity's Birthday Party

I was hoping to do this over the weekend, but it didn't work out. Anyway, I'm going to do it now! :)

 Yes, this is me! I loved the hairstyle that I did for the Civil War Story, so I had Ella do that on me again.
 This dress has really nice lace at the front, neck, and sleeves, and the material is a really nice satin/silk thing.

 I love the tights and shoes with this outfit.
 My hair had a little side bun, which was super cool. :)
 Felicity dared Jasper to make this dress look cool. It's really big, and loose, and doesn't look that nice on anyone... but Jasper succeeded!
 There is a modern-old-fashioned crossover here, with leggings, and old boots.
 Sorry, the flash went crazy here! Anyway, Jasper used a sash to tie it.
 Jasper simply used a zebra print rosette clip for her hair.
 Kirstin had her hair down, and used this nice dress.
 The detailing on the bodice.
 There was a last minute change of plans for Kit's outfit.
 There are these cool bead/bubble things that give some detailing.
 And these gem/beads at the bottom.
 Her hair was simply pulled back from a claw clip.
 And Felicity's dress!
 She didn't show any of us this one.
 There were some cool roses at the bottom.
Felicity was going to do this French waterfall braid, but it didn't work out, and she settled for a French braid.

Felicity received many gifts, which I did not photograph, but I got her a cool photo album.

It's a bit big, but really cute. Jasper gave her a free ice skating pass, good for fifteen times, and Kit and Kirstin teamed up to buy her a new baseball glove, and a new shirt.

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