Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Guess what!! We've got more closet space!!

Okay, so Jasper is hyper excited about this, and even Felicity is excited about this! It's, honestly, epic!

Hey! Ella here. I'm going to do the commentary. So, here all the dolls store their pajamas and towels. It's in order of age from left to right. That would mean Kirstin, Kit, Felicity, Jasper, and then Dakota.

Here is the extra space, in a hanging thing on the door. It's really space efficient, and now, all of us can find things when we need to. 

Here are some pairs of shoes. Each pocket can fit, say, three pairs of flats, or two pairs of boots, maximum. Kirstin is really excited about this, because she can finely keep all her cloths and stuff in her room, which she hasn't been allowed to do. So we added an extra little shelf space, though I didn't take any pictures of that.

Here are all the socks. They fit nicely, without having to squeeze them together. 

Sorry about the blur in this one. I still haven't fully adjusted to my new camera. In here, there is the hats and bags that can't be hung on the hooks above.

Here is one pair of boots in this one, which Dakota is actually wearing right now! Except she wasn't when we were taking this...

In the third row, there are all the skirts and dresses (besides the old fashioned ones and the fancy ones that are in the chest in the basement/attic area).

Here is the other side of the shirts...

And on the bottom row, there is the pants! The one that looks empty has the leggings in it.

Here is the other side of the pants.

Here are the hooks where we hang hats, scarves, bags, and those things.

It's back to Dakota here! I really hope you enjoyed this tour thing, and hope it "inspired you to do great things, just as I have, when I was young." :P Oops, I'm still young. Rats and mice!

Guess what else!!! (notice: this has more ! than the one in the title!!!!)

Ella knitted us a scarf in one afternoon, and it's awesome EPIC!

Do you like my hair? It's in pigtail buns, and it's adorable! And the scarf is really soft and stretchy... Ella knitted it in, like, an hour, while she was listening to the Harry Potter audiobook. She loves the books... but then, so do I! However, I'm a bit more partial to Percy Jackson. Sorry, Harry...

Dakota :)

P.S. I need some more help... Do you know how to make those social media icon things like Pinterest? Thanks!



    Sorry, I don't even know what you're talking about. The whole Pinterest thing. Sorry :(


    1. Thanks! I really, really love that hair too. I just did pigtails, then twisted them into a bun.

      That's okay. I think I might have it sorted out. Thanks anyway!


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