Sunday, 7 April 2013

I Finally Found the Pictures From Jasper's Birthday!

Okay, so here it is!!! It was great. For the first part, Jasper and I had a tea, and then all the others came for a huge party.

Here is the table from above. (Please excuse Ella's feet...)

Jasper was wearing her meet outfit, as is our tradition. 

Do you like my outfit? :)

We had Pineapple cupcakes with lemon glaze, and tea! Isn't the flower vase cute? It's Emily's teapot! Plus, we had real napkins, and everything!

The table setting from above. Jasper and I both like our tea the exact same way...

Here you can get a better view of the table...

The first gift Jasper opened was from me. I spent a while working on it, and I hoped she liked it!

I borrowed her American Girl Doll bag, and put pink tissue paper in it... she opened it and...

It was a fuzzy pillow!! Jasper loved it.

Just then, everyone came in. "SURPRISE!!" They shouted. Jasper was thrilled.

Felicity's gift was next... she has such a sense of humor... she wrapped it with a boot, a washcloth, and a necktie!

Coins! Jasper laughed hugged Felicity.

Next gift was from Kit! She made it herself... What could it be?

Jasper carefully opened it...

It was this epic disc thing that hangs from your ceiling! 

Last of all was Kirstin's... No one knew what it was but her! It was in a tall bag with yarn stuffed inside...

She took out everything, and said, "Oh. My. Gosh. Kirstin!"

It was a frame with her and Kirstin in it, with a fuzzy outside, and purple inside, her favorite color!

Everyone wore their best dresses,

And did their hair,

Or even wore a colonial dress!

Then it was time for the games. You see the empty blue square in the corner of the poster?

You had to pin the picture in the poster!

Then a group photo. Happy Birthday, Jasper!

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