Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Have You Ever Been to a National Park?

I haven't, though I really want to! Jasper has, and she let me use her White House Junior Ranger booklet for this. Can you believe it? She went to the WHITE HOUSE! What I can't believe even more than that is that she didn't even earn her badge...

If I were to go to a National Park, I've chosen the outfit I'd wear. Well, I'd either wear the skirt or pants, but I think the skirt is better. Oh, and I might use cowboy boots...

Isn't it so cool?

The White House!

I love dogs, so I'm thrilled they have one on the cover!

Do you like my outfit?

I'd wear my blue shirt,

My skirt (isn't it cute??? It's actually a build-a-bear skirt that Ella made my size... more about that in a later post!

Then white leggings and beige boots...
What would you wear to a National Park? Have you been to one? Have you earned any Junior Ranger badges?

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