Monday, 8 April 2013

Hermione's Letter

Hey, there! I know I've been mentioning Hermione a lot lately, and when I got an email from her, I just had to share it with you so you know who she is.

Dear Dakota,
Bonjor! As you know, I'm Hermione. Well, actually, my full name is Hermione K. Evans. I was born on February 29, 2000. Oui, I was born on Leap Day! I am half French, though (sadly!) I'm not fluent in French. However, I'm learning!
I do gymnastics, a little ballet, and I love cooking and writing. My favorite colors are blue, brown, and grey, and my favorite animal are owls. Though I'm not as 'into' fashion as Jasper, I do like to say je suis tres chic. I'm terribly sorry about all the French, it's just the best way to practice is to use it!
I'm currently going to school at AG Boarding School, where all of us dolls go before we go anywhere else. I do like going here, but I'm anticipating going to stay with you!
My favorite hairstyle is French braids, though no surprise there! My favorite food is most likely either croissants or choux à la crème (cream puffs). My favorite drink would be either chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) or de cidre de pomme (apple cider). My favorite subjects in school are literature, French, and writing. My favorite type of writing is creative writing.
I can not wait to hear back from you!

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