Thursday, 18 April 2013

I'm sorry for not posting lately, but I've been really low in inspiration. Actually, pretty low in general. When ever I feel pretty low, I dress sky-high. Please, don't go wearing 1,000 foot tall high heels. That would be a bit of overkill. I simply look through all my cloths, and pick the brightest and cheeriest ones.
Here is my outfit:
 Me, outside my room. I'm wearing a scarf, a kerchief, a necklace, a yellow messenger bag, an orange skirt, a pale skirt, white tights, and pink flats.

I'm also going to use this post to post stuff that I haven't posted because I felt... well, I just haven't posted them yet.
Jasper and I like practicing handstands together...

Me on a trampoline.
And I really enjoy Nancy Drew books, so I watched the movie recently. Emma Roberts is perfect for her, and I LOVE her clothes! And, most likely my favorite part of the movie... Nancy's bag!! Ella and I are on a sort of quest or else a extended scavenger hunt to look for the things in her bag.
Here are the things that are in her bag:
Mini magnifying glass (Maybe a party supply store?)
Mini fingerprinting kit (Ella was thinking just using a make-up brush and flour...)
Mini Ipod recorder (I don't honestly think there is one for American Girl dolls, so I'd just use a fake Ipod... I think you can buy it on Ebay, but I'm checking now. It's an Iphone but it looks fine.
MiniCamera (Ella found this cool set that has a camera, which also has a magnifying glass or else you could get this one)
Mini Notebook (the one above has one, but there is also this super cute one...)
Mini Pen/Pencil (see above)
Rope (You can just use normal rope but cut to a smaller size)
Mini D clips (No clue where to get these)
Mini metal snack case (I'm guessing you can use a mini mint case)
Mini compass (They have it with the Hiking Accessories at American girl... but that you'd have to get the whole set... though water bottles and jackets do come in handy!)
Mini Flashlight (You can usually get a mini one somewhere...)
Batteries (I think just one normal one can be good.)
Mini Binoculars (We aren't sure where to get this...)
Bobby Pin
And once you have all those, you've got your kit!


  1. That's going to be a great kit for sure! You look really cool :D :D


    1. Thanks! Emily likes riding Pepper, and being the well-trained dog she is, she doesn't mind. :)


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