Saturday, 27 April 2013

Happy Birthday, Felicity!

As today is Felicity's birthday, I'm letting her do a guest post. But before that, we are going to wish her a happy birthday.
Dakota- Felicity, I love spending time together. And even though we are were separated by a stupid barrier of age, I'll always remember you were the one who broke it. You always said that "We redheads have to stick together. We're an endangered species, and we can't break away from the pack." Happy Birthday, Felicity. :)
Jasper- Remember that first day of fashion club? We were going to "break the ice" even though we've known each other for about a millennia. And we decided to watch spiderman, and both Dakota and Ella went through the entire movie with their hands in front of their faces because they both have that fear of spiders thing. You said you wanted to learn to be fashionable, but really, you already are. Your fashion sense is not caring what people think of you, and just being you.
Kit- Even though we don't have much in common, we are still like sisters. I know that I drive you nuts, and you drive me nuts, and I suppose that's how it will always be. But I still admire you, because you, unlike me, admit and take pride in the fact that you are nuts. But in fact, a nut is too small to describe you. "You've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, big ones, small ones, some as big as your head! Give them a twist, flick of the wrists, that's what the showman said."
Kirstin- Even though we don't have too much in common, as you'd rather lace your skates and do a backflip than curl up with a good book, we do have one thing: our pale pack. I love having discussions about weather a book or a movie is better, having staring contests, and failing miserably when you try to teach me skating. I'll always have time to be a friend, even if that means getting banged up in the process. But even more than that, I don't mind. :)

Okay, finely!! Free reign to Felicity!!! Okay... so, we are now going to talk about something very interesting. VERY interesting. More interesting than anything! Er... let me just fine something.

I know!! I'll do an about me!!
Name: Felicity
Age: Er...
Favourite colour: Well...
Okay, let's do something different.


My birthday party is tomorrow, and I'm super excited!! It's going to be a ball, and no one has seen a dress yet. I'm super excited!! Oh, wait. I said this.

Blogging is hard work! At the end of each day Farmer Felicity was covered from head to toe in...

Sorry. Being with Ella gives us all an urge to sprout quotes from books. The one above was from Duck for President, which is really funny.

More later?
Over and out?
Live long and prosper?
See ya later?
Take your pick.
Felicity :)

(Sorry, Dakota, I probably scared away all your followers...
"No, no, no! What's the matter with you? All it takes is faith and trust! Oh! And a little bit of pixie dust!")

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