Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Doll Council

Sorry for the slightly lame title... but it's what this post is about! The Doll Council.
The council is the place where we can settle arguments, make decisions, and suggest ideas. I'm going to be telling you how this works. So, listen up!
There are three people on the council.

  1. Ella (The person)
  2. Kirstin (The eldest, or else the wisest, most mature, and deemed most sane.)
  3. Jasper (There is always one who is elected by the people.)
The person who is elected serves a term of three months, with the council meetings once or twice a month. After the three months are up, on the day of or the day before the council meeting, people submit their votes on a piece of paper to either the eldest or the person.
When serving on the council, you wear something fairly formal. This would include a neat and orderly dress, or a skirt and blouse. When attending a council meeting, but not serving on the board, you wear a more formal dress.
To set up the council, you have three (or two) places at a table. At each place, the people on the board can choose either tea or water, which will be set at their place. There will also be either a computer or a notebook and pen, to take notes on. Before the council begins, there is a list of topics that must be covered. During the council, people can bring up topics that they would like to talk about.

I hope that helped if you want to start a council!


  1. Doll Council seems like a great idea! You have a awesome blog,I followed you. It would be nice if you can follow me back at-


    1. Thanks so much! All of us really enjoy it. It's a time to be a bit more serious and a bit less of our normal crazy selves. It works a bit like a courthouse. Thanks for following me! I really like your blog, too.


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