Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Boring Thursday: Part One

It all started on that boring Thursday... Due to the fact that it was a boring Thurday, I was bored.
I was looking at the books, but I didn't feel like reading. And then I had it! I'd look in the attic... there was always something interesting there!
However, as I walked in, it was a mess! However, with the help of Ella, we got it cleaned out, and I dusted off the table... no, wait... that was a chest!
With a growing anticipation, I undid the latch to it... and out came....
A pile of old-fashioned clothes! What a stroke of luck. Ella helped me get it out into a spare room.
Oh, the dresses were so pretty, and I had a sudden stroke of inspiration. "Ella?" I asked. "I just had an idea. What if I asked the others to play dress up with me!"
"That sounds like an amazing idea!" Said Ella. So off I went to call the others.
I walked into Kirstin's room, and saw that she had just come back from her walk. "Hey, Kirstin? Do you want to play dress up?"
"You bet!" Said Kirstin, grinning. "I'll get a dress and some old-fashioned boots!"
I found Felicity and asked her if she wanted to play dress up. 
"I've been waiting for something fun to do!" She jumped from foot to foot. "I'll go get some shoes!"
I hopped with excitement into Jasper's room, and found Kit there as well. "Come on guys, we are gonna go play dress up!!" I bounced so fast I could have blasted off. 
"Score!" Kit and Jasper sprang up, and followed me out.
When we went to the room, the others were already there. "So, people, what do you want to do in this game?"
"The clothes are old-fashioned, and we could do some colonial thing?" I shrugged.
"I have an idea!" Jasper piped up. "What if we were these civil war people, whose father and brother are away in the war!"
"Perfect!" Said Kirstin. "Could we be a rich family? And could I be the mother?" 
"Epic!" I exclaimed. "Could I be your daughter? Who is ten, and rather annoying?" Kirstin nodded.
"And I'll be your other daughter who is breathtakingly beautiful." Felicity curtsied.
"And I'll be a maid," Kit said, "who is the only one who understands Siarra!"
"And I," Jasper exclaimed, "will be the lady's maid."
"Well, then," I said, "let's get our costumes on!"
Kirstin went first. "How do I look?" She asked nervously.
"Brilliant! I exclaimed. 
"I'm wearing flats under this!" Kirstin giggled. "I doubt they did that way back when!
We all laughed when she showed us. 
"There's just one thing..." Said Jasper. 
"What?" Implored Kirstin.
"Your hair." Jasper replied bluntly. Five minutes and a heck of a lot of bobby pins later...

"Awesome!" Kit crowed. 
Kit went next. "I suppose I look rather plain, but I don't mind."
Jasper got to be a bit fancier, but not by much.
She insists her hair is messy, but we all thought it looked nice.
Me next! I got a plain dress and boots, as well as a nice hairstyle.

We held our breath for Felicity, and she was gorgeous!
And her hair.... was epic.
Check back tomorrow for Part Two!

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