Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Some more things about me

Okay, so I really like doing these things about me, especially because you hardly know me.

  • I really love writing on this blog, because it really is good exercise for my creative mind.
  • Sunrise is my favorite part of the day.
  • I really love helping other people, and saving the earth.
  • I admit, before I sat down to figure out my school with Ella (who, by the way is sort of like all of us doll's mother, but more like a friend.), I had no idea what being unschooled meant, and, furthermore, that I was actually going to go it next year.
  • Next year, I'm going to (at least, I think I will) be taking gymnastics.
  • I'd really like to change the world. 
  • I think bulletin boards are the best thing since trash cans, as they are a way to organize your photos and such.
  • I love reading, even though I don't have much time for it.
  • I hate the philosophy of being too old for dolls. Honestly! It's like saying that children can't make a difference! 
  • Some people say I've got a way too active imagination, which really bugs me. 
  • I love reading blogs written by or about other American Girl Dolls. 
  • I'd really, really, really like to learn how to skateboard.
  • I'd like to travel a lot, like Jasper, who's been to three different continents.

Thanks so much for letting my keyboard run away with my imagination! Or whatever you want to call it.
Dakota :)

Does anyone know how to make signatures on Blogger? Thanks!


  1. Hi Dakota! I just stumblse upon your blog, and am commenting to let you know that I do know how to make signatures on Blogger! If you want, I can help you make one! Have a great day.

    xo Leslie Violet

    1. Thanks so much! I think I might need a new signature, but I have one that I'd like to try (if I can find it!).
      Anyway, thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Try this; it might help you with the signature. Let me know! :)

    1. Thanks! I think it's just what I need. Thanks again for all this help!

    2. You're welcome! :)
      xo Leslie Violet


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