Sunday, 24 March 2013

Quick Outifts

Looking for something chic, fashionable, and but totally takes no time to put together? Here, I've put together, along with Jasper and Kirstin (Jasper for fashion, Kirstin for time management), some basic starting points for your outfits. Have fun looking over these! :)

First up: City Chic
A casual outfit for your city needs. Somehow, this reminds me of (If you've watched the TV show Once Upon a Time, you'll know who I'm talking about.) Emma Swan. 

A matching shirt and sweater layered casually, and hair swept back into a ponytail.

Belt ties the top and bottom together, and the leggings give it that NYC feel. Add cowboy boots, and it's perfect.

Another casual outfit, however, this one leans more to the glamour aspect.

A sweet striped top with attached mini skirt, this blows this outfit way out of the court.

A smart designer oversized clutch and smoky leggings neatly tucked into beige boots makes this outfit rock.

A laid-back outfit, perfect for Saturdays, with a fashionable approach to the brink of lazy.

A wide, stretch, and bold headband is the perfect ways to start the outfit.  A long sleeve-shirt under a slouch over-sized shirt is a perfect way to welcome the weekend.

Casual jean capris and pink flats scream carefree. All in all, this works for weekend.

For a more sophisticated and chic look, try this. 

A ponytail, with flowers twisted in on one side, along with a antique rose knit shirt, and a blue and black blazer.

Leggings, antique boots, and a silver bag completes this look. 

So, whatever your occasion, have fun with fashion, and match your needs.

Be très chic!

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