Saturday, 16 March 2013

Felicity Goes Skating

As Felicity does figure skating, the other day, she said I could come and take pictures of her doing it for my blog! Yay!!! (As you've most likely already noticed, I'm a very hyper person.)
So... here are the pictures.
A nice picture of the red-heads with green eyes.

It's funny, because I seem so much shorter than Felicity because she's wearing skates!
Felicity... her skating outfit is the leggings from Cozy Sweater outfit, sweater from a Kit outfit, and the Fancy Skates.

Felicity first has to stretch so she doesn't injure  herself.

Felicity stretching, again.

Out on the ice, Felicity is leaning on me to try out her new move.

Though it's basic, Felicity always goes through crossovers.

Felicity was about to fall over when I took this... only to get back up again and try all over!

She was showing me the correct way to glide.

A close-up of her skates. Isn't this cool?

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