Thursday, 21 March 2013

I Got Moved!

How could they!!! Okay... I suppose I'm not complaining, as my room is now bigger, and doesn't have funky floors... Anyway, so the place where I was before was for short time people, and now I am considered a "long time person" so I got moved. Now I have a single room, with an attached bathroom, that is also attached to the room next to mine. However, as there is no one there, I'm not complaining. However, as Jasper and the others have school, I'm just sitting around here, doing almost nothing. Well, there is a really nice nurse who over-sees the long term place, and incidentally, she took photography in school, so she took some cool, random photos of me and my ward... Hope you enjoy!
An overhead shot of my entire room/ward.

A close up of my face. I really like this one.

Another close up of my face... you can see a bit of Emily's hair in the corner.

Pepper is so cute!

Pepper's name tag.

An overhead shot of my slipper boots. Catharine (the nurse) told me a cool way to make something interesting is to take a photo of it from a never-before-seen angle.

A close-up on Emily's dress. Cool, eh?

Pepper's ear. It's cool how detailed it is.

My tea-table, along with my medicine. :P

There are these close-pins on the wall where you can hang up your towel. 

An above shot of my nightstand.

The wall with the close-pins, tea-table, and nightstand.

I really like this one. It's a close-up on my pillow, and it really shows detail.

You can see my face here, slightly blurred, and the nightstand clear.

You can see the nightstand, slightly blurred, and my face clear here, which is cool how it's the opposite of the one above.

Me and my bed from above.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this!
In this entry I was wearing: Top from the striped school dress, leggings from cozy sweater outfit, and flats from the star hoodie outfit. The kerchief I made myself.

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