Monday, 11 March 2013

Hey, and Welcome to my (Hopefully!!) Awesome Blog!

Introducing... me! I'm Siarra Dakota Jade, but people usually call me Dakota. On this blog, I'll share about myself, my totally crazy life, and also about my friends.
Firstly, me!
Here are some of my favorite pictures of me.
Me wearing an awesome outfit, perfect for camp, or anytime, really. 
Me in my art outfit, with my dog, Pepper, my doll, Emily (who is from England and skateboards, and has mysteriously lost her shoes. :P), and a painting I did for this fundraiser that I helped with.

I love animals, my doll, doing art, helping out at the causes that I help out at (hmm... that sounded strange....), hanging out with my friends, rainbows, horseback riding, and skateboarding.

Next: My totally crazy life. I was gotten at the Kansas City American Girl Doll store. First thing? Road trip! All over America I journeyed (luckily I was with my best friend, Jasper, the entire time!), until going back to Arkansas. Next? We went to California, and then (if you thought we were going to stay there, sorry, I'm letting you down!) back to Asia. You see, I live overseas. 
So much for a normal life!

But I do have tons of friends. 
Such as my best friend, Jasper!

She loves wearing vintage, and just being herself. As well as her acting self, Emma Brown. :)

Then there is Kirstin, who loves studying. And reading, too...

And Kit, who loves playing the violin, and plays in our school's orchestra, while Kirstin sings in the choir. 

Then, lastly, there's Felicity, who does ice skating, and

I accidentally took this while she wasn't looking... :P

Anyway, here's my room! I've got pics on my walls, as well as posters, and I've got these quotes on my "laundry line"

I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Thanks!
Ta ta, 

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