Friday, 15 March 2013

Dakota's Day of Chores :P

Since there are five of us, we take turns rotating our chores through out the week. On Friday, we always do a though cleaning... and (hip hip hooray) today was my day. (Okay, really sorry about the rhyme, it was unintentional) So, I'll take you trough my day of chores...

First of all, I had to wash and fold the towels... then put them in the bathroom.

After that, I had to clean the bathroom, tidy it up, and make sure nothing was out of place.

After that, there was a mountain of laundry! Eeek!!

I then had to fold the items... I honestly felt like a leaning human tower of Pizza!

I had to make sure the dresses were smooth,

and then the pants.

Whew! That was hard!

After that I had to clean up the accessories room...

Then, as each Friday, the person who does the cleaning cleans up EVERYONE's rooms, I tidied up Kit's... luckily, she keeps it fairly clean.

Oh, no! Felicity's room is always a mess...

I had to put her skates and stuff under her bed,

then fold her dress and put that in her special place, and so much more!

Oh, thank goodness thats done!

*Felicity walks in*
"Hey, Dakota! Sorry about the room. I know it's always a pain to clean."

"It's... Um... My pleasure?"
"Well, thanks!"
After I left Felicity's room, I headed over to Jasper's. "Hey! Your day to clean?" She asked. 
"What else!" I half grinned.
"Well, I'll leave while you clean." Jasper stood up, and walked out,

Soon, as Jasper is fairly neat, the job was done, and I headed over to Kirstin's.
"Kirstin?" I asked hesitantly after I knocked (Kirstin is REALLY picky about going into her room without knocking) . Then I remembered that Kirstin was at a class, so I headed in. 

Kirstin's room is really easy to clean, as she's most likely the neatest of us all.
After that, I headed down to my room.

"Hey, Pep!" I greeted a cheerful Pepper at the door. "Sorry, I can't play right now." 

Thank goodness I hadn't been in my room much, so it was easy to clean.

Now it's time to cook... *sigh*

I started the stove, then let it heat up a little.

I placed the pot on the stove, then started cooking.

I poured in the water, and let it boil.
I added some different ingredients,

And stirred it till it smelled all nice. 


Some time later, after lunch...

Oh, rats. I now have to do the dishes!

I started with the silverware, scrubbing till they were clean.

After I was done washing them, I still had to dry the dishes.

Almost done...

Finely! I was done drying them! Now I just have to deliver them...

I placed a cup on my nightstand...

But when I went to put the other dishes on the shelf where they go, it was all dirty! No!!!
I had to carefully scrub it off, then place the dishes on it.

YAY!!! I'm done! 

Now to put my apron away...

And read a good book!

Hope you enjoyed!
In this post I was wearing:
Star hoodie,
Headband from American Girl, Leggings from American Girl, and boots from the Cozy Sweater Outfit.

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