Monday, 18 March 2013

How To Start Your Day Off Well!

Okay, sorry I don't have any pictures, but I've made up a list thingie of how to start your day off  well! Hope you enjoy!

  1. Wake up. But before that, sleep well. Get your beauty sleep. Your zzzzz.... because, trust me, you need all the rest you can get! But that doesn't mean sleeping wayyyyyyyy in. It just means making SURE you've got all the rest you need.
  2. Do some mild stretching, and drink a glass of water. Make yourself calm, yet wide awake. 
  3. Pick out your outfit. Take care with this, but don't spend hours looking through your entire wardrobe. Just spend, say, five or so minutes getting your outfit together.
  4. Take a shower. Some people don't like taking their showers in the morning, but I personally do. If you don't, just splash your face with some water.
  5. Brush your hair, and wash your face. Brushing your hair is really important, as it is one of the things that people can see from the outside and judge you by it. Also, washing your face is really important to get the last bit of tiredness off of it.
  6. Eat breakfast. It helps for you to have a energetic day. Also, try to have something you enjoy. I usually have homemade bread, oatmeal, or rice. Also, I suggest starting your day off with a hot/warm drink. In spring and summer, I usually have tea or coffee (yes, coffee... But I'm immune to caffeine! Because I'm naturally hyper. Honest!), but in fall, I like apple cider, and in winter I like hot cocoa. 
  7. Embrace the day. Stand tall, and go get that day! It doesn't matter if you're home schooled, go to public school, private school, boarding school, or if it's Saturday or Sunday. You can do this!!!
  8. Smile. :) No matter what comes, smile.

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