Friday, 29 March 2013

Q&A: Doll Hair

Hi, and it's Ella here! I'm going to be doing a short post about Q&A for doll hair. (BTW, I've done a lot of research about doll hair, plus as the majority of my dolls are older and have hair that's hard to take care of, I'd say I'm an expert) However, I do not have any curly haired dolls, so I'm not sure about them.

Q: I just got a new doll. How do I keep her hair sleek and smart?
A: Okay, so new doll's hair is always really nice and it's hard to keep it this way (especially if you live in a humid place) BUT it's not impossible. First: Get a spray bottle and keep water in it. Every time you brush your doll's hair (see below) spray it with water. If you aren't going to play with your doll for a while, I suggest braiding her hair, because then it minimizes on tangles.

Q: Okay, but how much do I have to brush it? How long and such?
A: It really depends on the doll you have. For instance, for dolls like Dakota, where they have short hair, you don't need to do much besides spray it and brush it till the tangles are out and it's smooth. However, for dolls with long hair, I suggest ALWAYS putting it up.

Q: So, I've got an older doll, and when ever I brush her hair, a whole lot of hair comes out, but her hair is always still tangled!
A: Older dolls are hard to take care of, but I find, actually, once you get their hair under control, it gives you more satisfaction. So, the first thing to do is have one major hair-brushing time. Spray your doll's hair with a lot of water (making sure not to get it in her eyes), and, starting from the bottom, slowly brush out sections of her hair. Once you've finished, braid in a tight braid, and then, the next day, carefully undo the braid, spray with plenty of water, and, using the same technique above, brush it out. Braid, and repeat whenever you use the doll.

I hope you found this helpful!
P.S. Thanks so much Quilla, for having me over yesterday! It was awesome. :D

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