Wednesday, 14 August 2013

AG Place Kansas City

I had an incredible and awesome time the day before yesterday. Besides getting tons of stuff that I'll show you in another post because I don't have my camera with me now, I had a really nice, long, talk with the staff there.
I honestly believe that the staff at the American Girl Doll store Kansas City has the nicest staff of any shop, company, or anything. I honestly do.
Anyway, I suppose you are wondering what we did for the entire day, so I'll start from the beginning.
6:45 Woke up, ate breakfast, ect.
8:30 Left with one of my good friends who is staying in the same neighbourhood.
3 1/2 hours later... Picked up one of my relatives, who would be going too, and then there we were!
Looked around, then asked a member of staff where a set was, and she said that they had ran out of it. However, she said, they could ship it to us. My friend and I exchanged a glance (we both lived overseas, and were only visiting America for a few weeks.) We said we lived overseas, and she was very interested, which is how our LONG conversation started. Anyway, when lunchtime rolled around (too soon!!!) We went over to Outback Steakhouse to meet some relitves. Note to people coming Monday-Thursday: Outback Steakhouse doesn't open till four P.M. Ah... we were just talking about the plan B if it wasn't open. Plan B? We weren't sure yet. Anyway, we ended up going to Mimi's there, and it was Fabulous. Actually, something that was cool was that it was my birthday the next day, and my friend's, a week from that day, so the person who worked there gave us a HUGE bowl of brownies. NOTE: I was so stuffed from the meal that I only ate one bite. :P Oops... I hope they didn't think of it as an insult, but as a compliment.
Anyway, we went back (Oh, we got It's My Birthday! Stickers at the AG store), we bought stuff, chatted more with the people there (One most of them Likes Jane Austen too!!!!)
We drove home after that.
That was a fun day. Very Fun.
I'll post pictures in my next post.

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